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AMF Spanners Hook Wrenches Pin Wrenches
Volkswagen and Audi Special Tools
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Carl Walter German Hand Tools
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KLANN Special German Automotive Hand Tools
Kukko Tools German Gear Puller Bearing Separator
Kastar Tools Lang Tools from Samstag Sales
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Mercedes Tools Cars Trucks G-Wagen Sprinter Unimog
Motometer German Engine Compression Tester
Ox-Head Tools German Axe Hatchet
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Stahlwille Tools German Tools - Samstag Sales
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VBW German Tools and Bolt Cutters
VW and Audi Special German Tools
 Please Note: Last Update: Tuesday - February 18, 2020
PRESSOL of Germany provides high quality lubrication and garage equipment technology, including their range of grease guns. For more information on PRESSOL click here.
!NOTE: New import tariffs are to be applied to German tools by the US Customs and Border Protection Service.  More Info

Hazet 1850M-22 Combination Pliers 160mm long
Elora 310-24 Nut Splitter
Stahlwille 4691 Drall Screwdriver Set
BMW 312 110 Wheel Bearing Hub Installation Tool
HAZET 1850M-22 Combination Pliers
ELORA 310-24 Nut Splitter
Class 6
STAHLWILLE 4691 Drall Screwdriver Set 7 Piece
BMW 312 110 Wheel Beaing Hub Install Tool

KUKKO 129-0 Adjustable Ball Joint Extractor AMF 44867 Metric Hex Key Set with Pilot Tip MotoMeter 622 004 1021 Spark Plug Hose
KUKKO 129-0 Adjustable Ball Joint Extractor
Carl Walter 4525
Grip Pliers
AMF 44867 Metric Hex Key Set with Pilot Tip
Spark Plug Hose

Porsche 9285/1 Crankshaft Pulleu Extracting Bolt KUKKO 128-2 Ball Joint Tool Tie Rod Puller
Porsche 9285/1 Crankshaft Pulley Extracting Bolt
AMF Toggle Clamps
KUKKO 128-2 Ball Joint Tool Tie Rod Puller
AMF Clamping Equipment

Klann KL-0196-30 Screwdriver Set for Starter Battery Plugs
DEAL! Kastar Lang 4651 Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool and Wrench Ko-Ken 3440T-E10 Torx Universal Socket
Klann KL-0196-30 Screwdriver Set for Stater Battery Plugs
Look at this Deal!
Lang 4651 Automatic Slack Adjuster
Ko-Ken 3440T-E10 Unviversal Torx Socket 3/8" Drive

Ox-head Axe Angle Gauge - Samstag Sales Elora 1618 Bumping Hammer
Ox-Head Angle Gauge
Gedore Chisel & Punch Set
Elora Bumping
Elora Spark Plug Boot Pliers

Whitworth sockets
BMW Camshaft Fixture
British Whitworth Size Socket Set
Brockhaus Heuer Bench Vise
Carl Walter 12 Volt Test Light

Elora 249 S6 Contact File Set AMF 54924 Pin Spanner for nut size range 34-36mm
Elora Contact Files Ignition Points
Esgen Universal Valve Spring Compressor.
Toe Jacks
5 ton - 20 ton
Gedore 19 Socket 6 Pt

Knipex Pliers
Mercedes Slotted Axle Nut Wrench
Sir Tools Oxygen Sensor Socket
Volkswagen Special Tools
VBW Automatic Wire Stripper
British Association Spanners
HAZET 166N Assistent Trolley
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Samstag Sales is an importer and distributor of German hand tools. We are an authorized distributor for AMF, BROCKHAUS, CARL WALTER, ESGEN, GEDORE, HAZET, HELIOS-PREISSER, KUKKO, LANG (KASTAR), MATADOR, MOTOMETER, OX-HEAD Axe, PADRE, SIR TOOLS, STAHLWILLE, VBW German Tools, and more.
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